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Five Questions with Casie Stewart

I noticed Casie Stewart some time ago on Twitter. Truthfully, it's pretty hard not to notice her. She is definitely a force-to-be-reckoned-with! Consummate Blogger, Twitter Maven and Gal about town.

5416_247848470206_501625206_8243663_2863754_n Her energy and her love of life jump out at you in the Blog-0-Shpere and Twitterverse. In the words of Marlin Perkins "Ok Jim lets go in for a closer look!" 

Five Questions with Casie Stewart

OD:  You have been on Twitter approx 3 1/2 years (1000 days) and have since that time amassed 47,000 updates, question is – can you keep up this staggering pace? 

CS: Yeah, I like a fast pace. The question is, can people keep up with ME!

OD: Did the appearance of Twitter actually shape who you are? 

CS: I’ve always been ‘who I am’: creative, unique, outgoing, organized, beautiful (haha I kid!)

OD: Or was it serendipitous? Ergo, was there something you did before Twitter that resembles what you are doing now?

CS:I reckon all the things I did before now shape what I am doing now. I grew up in dance and was often smiling for the camera or performing on stage. I have always volunteered my time and donated to charities. At 16 I wrote & published a book, so writing has always been a hobby. In highschool I won Young Entrepreneur of my city AND the Miss Teen beauty pageant. I traveled to Australia for school and have dual citizenship w/ New Zealand so travel has always been important to me too. 

A blog has given me the opportunity to be a publisher and share my own little world with everyone and anyone. I think it’s a nice place to be and sharing it makes me happy.

OD: I personally love and congratulate you that your Twitter stats are real. There are tons of folks who have tens-of-thousands or even millions of followers, but follow no one, or very few. Also you can tell by the numbers who have built up followers using programs as opposed to real effort. Your counts are real, they really show that you GET this medium. 

 Was there an inspiration for you on your expert use of this channel? 

CS: No. My expertise has grown with Twitter over the last two years. I have been quite involved in building the Toronto community by organizing/hosting events like Twestival, GenYTO and heaps of Tweetups. I’ve learned trial and error best practices and how to make the most out of it. It’s really fun. 

OD: Sponsored Tweets and Tweet advertising. Where celeb Tweets, like Kim Kardashian, can go to over $4,000 what are your thoughts on this? Good? Bad? 

CS: Not too into the sponsored Tweets thing. I only Tweet/blog about things I actually like, so if someone wants to advertise. They can see stats at and email me directly.

OD: What's next for Casie? Care to share?

 I’d like to pull in some big sponsors this year and travel the world. I want to go on Casie Stewart’s World Tour and blog it for the world to see. I’m also getting in to doing more speaking which I really enjoy 🙂


Casie is one of Canada's most popular online personalties and one of Toronto's most influential Tweeters. She's helped build the online brand for MuchMusic & MTV Canda, won the coveted title of Virgin America Provocateur and runs a successful daily blog. Casie is a mentor for Humber College's Personal Brand Camp and has been a guest speaker for the Canadian Youth Business Foundation and Mashable's Social Media Day Toronto. She's got spunk, a good sense of humor and her smile is contagious. Follow Casie on Twitter @casiestewart and tune into her blog for daily musings.



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  1. Crystal
    Crystal January 31, 2011

    I’m always happy to see Casie featured in the media. I started following Casie and responded to one of her tweets one day and immediately we became friends! She’s got an energy about her that is so refreshing to see and she is so super talented. I cannot wait to see what her 2011 is filled with. Great Q&A.

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