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Get a job!

Recently we announced the partnership here – this has prompted a few up-coming articles I am writing for One Degree. Getting a job, ramping up your career or hiring the best people is something I have always been passionate about.

IStock_000003452096Small While I was doing this research I looked at some of the analytics for One Degree over the last number of years. And I see there have been many, many searches on particular companies and people … far more than topics. Especially the Five Question articles. I believe a great many of these searches probably have been from folks researching the companies they are applying to.

If you are looking for work and have zeroed in on a company, or are being interviewed by a particular person, try a search for them here. See if we have a contributor from that company, or that particular person, or we might have interviewed the principal of said organization. Maybe they have commented to a post. You'd be surprised what you can find in the almost 3000 posts on One Degree. Lots or gold to be mined here!

From there, follow the trail. Call it CSI : One Degree!

Along with obvious Google searches, check their Twitter stream, their FB profile, Plaxo, Linkedin, FriendFeed and get some background on them and the company. For instance a comment here will let you see what their POV is on a certain topic. You see, turnaround is fair play. yep as someone who hired a lot of people of course I check the SM to get a look at who they are behind the resume and spanky-new interview outfit! When being interviewed, out-interview the interviewer by having some insight!

Job hunting is rigorous. It takes a great deal of perserverance, hard work and you make your own luck. Old saying – The harder I work, the luckier I get!

So get cracking! Start by searching One Degree.


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