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Developing the Creative Craft XI

By Peter Mosley

ImagesNumber Eleven in  series Number Ten is here.

"What-If Compass"

  Following up on problem reversal in our last installment, there are always alternate actions that can be applied to a given problem.

Just ask yourself

"What if I …….." and plug in each one of the opposites:

       Stretch it/Shrink It
       Freeze it/Melt it
       Personalise it/De-personalise it

This allows you to change the direction or location of your perspective. A physical change of perspective, like "Managing by Walking-around", or simply doing something different always provides a fresh perspective. (More on that later)

Flip-flop results

Turn defeat into victory or victory into defeat

If something turns out bad, think about the positive aspects of the situation.

If I lost all of the files off this computer, what good would come out of it? Maybe I would spend more time outside playing! Who knows!

I believe that the best jolt to creativity is a change of perspective.

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