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Golf as a metaphor for sales

Package_big_45_1 I have long enjoyed golf. As a kid, I couldn’t wait to get to the course. Nothing has changed as I enter my 67th year. I am still excited about getting to the course.
Metaphor – follow your passion. Success requires a lot of hard work. If you love what you do you will stick with it.
I meet all sorts of folks on the course. Great players, hustlers, liars, beginners, old-timers, kids and wannabe Pros.
Metaphor – it takes all kinds. And never judge a book by the cover.
The other day a young fella joined my friend and me at the first tee – we had his life story by hole #2. He was a nice enough guy but man-oh-man he never shut up! Also, his story to us was that he was always the best at everything he did and was frustrated that he could not master golf.
Metaphor – mastery is in doing it, not just talking about it. And for the sales-types, less is more. You have two ears and one mouth … listen twice as much as you speak.
This same bloke was also regaling us on his once formidable driving distance – way-over 300 yards! And that he was changing his game to improve. He did not break 100 even though he claimed to have the lofty ability.
Metaphor – it is about results. Don’t just talk a good game. No one will buy that!
When I get to a course I am always amazed at the difference each day brings. The weather, the pin placements, the tee blocks and the course condition etc all add up to a very challenging set of obstacles.
Metaphor – in business we are all captains of ships on ever-changing seas. Be prepared. Nothing is as constant as change.
I am a stickler for a few things. First is etiquette. The second is playing the correct tee blocks. And of course rules.  If you are a high handicapper, no matter how far you hit the ball, do not play the pro tees. It slows up the game, it is not fun for your partners, who no doubt are struggling with the extra distance, and you miss out on the biggest part of the game – scoring. Scoring well within your ability range adds fun to the game.
Metaphor – scoring in golf is like making a sale in business. Know your limitations and go for the pin. Take dead aim.
We all make bad shots. But they are fleeting. We miss a shot, but the next hit is straight and true. 
Metaphor – in sales, you win some you lose some. Like golf, it is a numbers game. If you persevere you will win.


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