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Five Questions – Monica Hamburg

We are honoured to have this "Social Media Diva" as one of our contributors, and graciously has daned to grace us with the answers to our "5 Questions."
So first question, Monica … what are you wearing?

Why does everyone ask me that? 😉
Just kidding …
#1 – You have settled into Vancouver, become a fixture, but your sensibilities and, certainly, your sense of humour is way more New York. Is that a challenge? Hell, do we Canadians get is at all?

Firstly, I loved all of these questions because they were ultra-complimentary and struck me as things I would put in one of those FAQ sections that are really "Questions I Wish Somebody Would Ask."

Well, I am originally Canadian (from Montreal) – and Canadians have a dry sense of humour – which I love. But yes, initially, when I moved from New York (where I lived for 5 years) to Vancouver, my evilness seemed to startle people.  But, then again, my sense of humour can, sometimes, be startling. All that to say, I think Canadians get it plenty (whatever “it” is).  
#2 In your work as a social media evangelist do you incorporate your wicked sense of humour into the sessions? If you do, is humour and shocking people an advantage? (Sadly we are separated by a few thousand miles and have not had the privilege of attending one of your sessions.)

I absolutely do. Here is a link to a talk I did …  but I have no perspective when it comes to myself. My talks have, fortunately, tended to go over well. But I am decidedly more polite and considerably less vulgar in presentations than I am on my blog.  I believe (hope?) that I’ve found a decent balance between being myself and being respectable in public.  I try not to shock people too much in my business presentations.  I leave that pain for those who get to know me.  
#3 I love your website obviously there is no end of fodder for your articles. Do you find all of these, or as a good friend told me … they find him! Notoriety has its benefits!

Yay! Thank you!  I find most of the content. I spend the majority of my time online for work so I do come across at least 50% of crazy internet finds doing my work and related innocent research.  The rest comes from less innocent research.

I’m not at the point where a slew of people send me material.  Many of my favourite blogs and podcasts certainly get the majority of content from their readers/listeners.  Getting more crazy stuff is definitely something I’d relish and appreciate!

#4 Podcasting is obviously important to you. As an actor do you prepare the same way for a role? Or is it more documentary?

I just started podcasting this year – but it’s certainly important to me. The new podcast “The S&M Rants”  is me and my awesome friend, Shane Birley talking about random strange topics and it’s one of the most fun things I do. I think podcasting is something I’d like to do as a career – and I say that with my eyes wide open: I recognize the reality how of difficult and time-consuming it is to develop a popular show, to build a loyal and considerable audience etc.  Working on it…  

Podcasting, talks etc. are all entirely different from playing characters. Mainly because there are no lines to memorize and no characters to develop.  Also, I have to do far less research in order to play myself.  In all seriousness, it’s actually been very challenging to feel comfortable speaking as myself in public.  It’s has now become very liberating – and exciting.  
#5 Pop quiz! What is the goofiest SM thing you have ever seen? And, what is the most brilliant?

Actually, I think Intel’s recent “Museum of Me” promotion was a bit of both.  It played nicely into our basic narcissism.  For those who haven’t tried it, it turns your Facebook activity into a museum show. It’s brilliant because everyone wants to think they are so fascinating that a show should be made of them and their life.  You are completely and utterly engrossing – to yourself.  The application made seem as though others would feel similarly!  Of course, how interesting are we really, overall?  I know that, in particular, the section where “museum-goers” were looking at my links with utter fascination was really laughable because I tend to mostly post weird and deranged items as links.  They’re not thought-provoking, cerebral material that would invite such mental scrutiny…  

Med-divider Monica Hamburg (Bio)

Monica Hamburg is a social media evangelist and funny gal.

Find out more about her on her website, check out her social media blog Me Like the Interweb and enjoy her wry observations on her humour blog: Monica Hamburg – Your Dose of Lunacy.

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