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Professional Presentation Skills – Part Eight

By Peter Mosley

I am delivering a keynote next month on Professional Presentation Skills. In writing my speech I thought I would share my Five Key Points.

Number 1
KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid.
Too often I see presentation design and format cluttered, obtuse and downright confusing. Less is more! Full stop. There is nothing wrong with white space.

Number 2
A Picture is worth a Thousand Words.
Great images of emotionally-rich subjects enhance your point. The emotion of a great image is truly worth a thousand words!

Number 3
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail
More than a platitude. This is true to the core. Take some time. Do not fall prey to the "last minute" temptations.

Number 4
Avoid "Death by PowerPoint"
There is no shame in talking to an audience without slides. You really do NOT need all the jumping bunnies and throbbing gristle in your slides! They distract at best and are boring at worst!

Number 5
Then practice some more. When you are done that … practice some more.

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