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5 Valuable Skills of Online marketing

IStock_000011199295Small There are innumerable ways through which a business can market its products, services or opportunities on the net. One can choose to advertise through articles, videos, forums or press releases. One can post ads in classifieds, blog, advertise in article websites, or try his or hand at paid techniques. However, no success can be guaranteed without the use of these 5 valuable skills. For each online marketer, these skills are important to learn and to apply.

Let’s discuss these online marketing skills in detail:

1.    Keyword research
When people need to find some information, they type few search phrases in search engines and get relevant results. So, online marketer needs to determine all keywords that people use often when they search for a particular product or service. This process is known as keyword research. Keywords actually rule the whole internet and they drive all forms of internet marketing like articles, videos, blogs, press releases, paid search and so on.

2.    Search Engine Optimization (or SEO)
SEO is the most important skill to learn for each and everybody involved in the process of online marketing. It consists of all processes that intend to make websites show higher up in the search engine results so that more and more people could find them.

3.    Link Building
Link building techniques are also used by many online marketers to promote the products or services of various businesses. It includes the following:

  • Directory submission – It refers to adding blogs and articles of one’s website to various article or blog directories. However, one needs to make sure that the directory to which the website is submitted is genuine and good.
  • Targeted links’ requests – In this technique, the online marketer would contact web designers of another website, which is related to his or her own website. He will then ask those web designers to add a particular website’s link to their website.
  • Blog commenting – It is one of the most common and popular tasks that bloggers usually do. Every time one comments on a blog that is asking for one’s website URL, it builds links for that website.

4.    Social Media Marketing (or SMM)
Everybody knows about social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon etc. that are used to keep in touch with all old friends. But when it comes to trade and business, these social sites are being used to carry out various marketing campaigns. They provide a personal way to promote the products and services and can spread the business nationally and even internationally. SMM is a cost effective marketing technique and can play a big role in effectual brand management.

5.    Affiliate Marketing
It is becoming an important internet marketing technique, whereby a company gives some incentives or rewards to its affiliates who bring customers by making their own efforts. 
As online selling is becoming more significant, marketing skills are also changing day-by-day. But these 5 skills are and will always remain important in the marketing process, though with slight modifications.  


  1. Online Marketing Consultant
    Online Marketing Consultant August 18, 2011

    This is a great stuff for online marketing! Thanks for sharing your brilliant ideas, keep it up! Well done gets the message across effectively. Clear illustration of the online marketing big picture. Well done!

  2. SEO news
    SEO news September 28, 2011

    Thanks for interesting quotes. As i experienced internet marketing is being competitive day by day. It’s a big deal to beat a competitor.

  3. Alexander Finch
    Alexander Finch October 31, 2011

    Well most of your tips are right on the money. I say the most important key is the link building. Nothing makes your name smell any better than having a lot of back links. Remember the more back links you have, the more you get the chance to sale

  4. off page services
    off page services March 17, 2013

    Hey thanks a lot for sharing this useful information but after Google panda & penguin updates, content is the king in SEO. Now Article prism , guest blogging these are effective techniques used for getting amazing results in small time.

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