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Social Media – Only Build To Own

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter are powerful marketing tools in the right hands. But make no mistake – their actions and policies serve their needs – not yours. And remember, they often change the rules of the game to suit themselves – even if it wipes out years of investment on your part.

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I am by no means, anti-Facebook; I am simply asking you to think it through. What is their role in your marketing? For most of us they are traffic drivers. With 750 million users they have the ability to spread the word within specific communities quickly and cost effectively. Better yet they can drive significant traffic to your website, which I assert is where you want it. You own your website. You do not own your Facebook page. You own an opt-in email address. You do not own a LIKE on Facebook. So that rich content you are developing: put it on your website and use seductive headlines strategically placed on Facebook, LinkedIN or Twitter to attract the right people back to your website. In this world, great writers have a new status in the organization.

But do not get too excited. Driving traffic to your website is a problem if you still have brochure-ware from the 1990s. During that period most of us had a website that was basically an online brochure to tell the world who we are and what we do. More recently, we realized they do not care – until we give them reason to do so and an easy link to get there. Many marketers are realizing that their website is the hub of their business.

Bottom line: if you are investing valuable marketing dollars in social media, please consider your overall strategy. You own your website so drive all your traffic there. Load your website with interesting, valuable information that would be of service to your visitor. If your site has really good stuff, they will bookmark you and come back occasionally. More important, when they are ready to buy the products or services you sell, they will likely think of you first because you are the expert. You gave them the information when they wanted it – not the sale pitch – the information. That requires a different context for your writers – and that is a whole other topic that requires a blog article of its own.


  1. Saija Mahon
    Saija Mahon September 25, 2011

    Thank you for this article, very interesting indeed! I’m getting more and more to the world of social media and starting to deploy some strategies for new clients too. Just have to remember what purpose all these channels serve and that the client’s understand that. I don’t see Social media as being a strong sales driving channel, but it is a part of the sales funnel for sure.
    Best regards,

  2. Lee Schulz
    Lee Schulz October 26, 2011

    I agree with this article. Most social media sites are more on saving their own rather than helping others. Although I do like facebook and I use it to help my cause which is Affordable SEO Hampshire.
    Thank you saija for the informative comment.

  3. Mark
    Mark November 20, 2011

    I agree 100% with what is being said here. There is a culture in these businesses that has them turn there backs on the very customers and users that made them successful. This is why fame and fortune for many of these businesses is so fleeting. If you want to create a sustainable online business build your own quality website online presence. Use your own personal brand and keep quality content and customer service as your number one priority.

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