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Month: November 2011

Getting your customers' mobile numbers can be easy

SMS marketing is growing and it's easy to see why.


It's low-cost (only a few cents per SMS if you're buying bulk) and it's easy to analyse the return on the investment.

What's more attractive is that most people read text messages when they arrive (around a 95% read rate), making SMS marketing difficult to ignore – especially when so few businesses are marketing to mobiles.

It's personal

SMS marketing is still fairly new, and for most people giving up their mobile number seems more personal and less “throwaway” than an email address.

Its-personalBut that's where it is effective as a marketing channel. Customers are protective of their phones, and when they invite you in and allow you to send them messages, they are less likely to ignore your message than they do with email marketing.

Using SMS marketing to drive business

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Learn how to tell your story by watching television

By Barb Sawyers I've been writing stories for so long that it's becoming like driving a car. I don’t think about it.

Learn to write stories from television

No, I’m not a master storyteller grown rich on block-bluster movies and novels. I’m a practical writer who has spent years telling true tales of employees who rode to the rescue in natural disasters, impossible deadlines and other crises or how one business solved another’s problem. But ever since neuroscientists and marketing kings confirmed how stories open minds to new products and perspectives, everyone wants to know my secrets. Let me confess that I’ve learned more about storytelling from watching television than by reading great literature. That’s because television works with such simple and tested formulas. Here are the four main ingredients in the storytelling formula I learned from watching Law and Order and similar shows:

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