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The “Will it Scan?” Game:

The “Will it Scan?” Game:
Canadian Loyalty & Reward Programs on Your Mobile Phone

CodeCome play with me!  It’s been a while since we’ve played a game together.  Last time, it was spot-the-logos.  This time, it’s interactive, and inspired by the “Will It Blend?” guy.

I recently spoke with Chris Fagan, CEO of Mobestream Media (makers of the very popular Key Ring Mobile Loyalty app).  Freely available for iOS, Android and Blackberry, they’ve already had well over 3 million installs and are quickly approaching 5 million. Within the app, there are more than 1,000 loyalty and reward programs for you to choose from and if your favourite isn’t already in there, they’d be happy to have you add it. 

I’m using it now and I’m on a mission to test every major loyalty program within the Canadian marketplace.  First up, Shoppers Drug Mart’s Optimum.

Shoppers already created an iOS app for Optimum members to use, although it appears to lack some core features of Key Ring.  Key Ring offers you one app that will store ALL your membership bar codes.  And if you’re an Android user like I am, you can use it too. 

How It Works 

At the point-of-sale, simply launch the app’s image of the relevant bar code, and then run it through the POS scanner as you would have done with the old plastic card.  No more membership cards to cram in to your wallet and carry around!  You don’t even need the little plastic version (keycard) anymore.  Just this app; fully loaded. 

OK, there’s a bit more to the story.  Specifically, not all scanners are created equal.  Photo image scanners, rather than laser beaming or flatbed scanners, work the best.  Are Canadian retail POS systems up-to-date?  And if they aren’t, what’s their workaround for this emerging technology and customer need?  Inquiring minds want to know.

To fully load the app, you need to (well, get the app first), then grab all your cards, get yourself in to a room with good lighting, aim your phone’s camera at the bar code so that a red beam will appear on-screen to read the data and load it in to the app with a quick scan ‘n click.

How To Play
When you’re ready, I’m asking you, Dear OneDegree reader, to get out there and test Canada’s point-of-sale with me.  What do the checkout people have to say about all this?  Does this work for you and your phone?  Can you truly get rid of all your plastic cards? 

@ShopprsDrugMart, @Sobeys, @CineplexMovies, @Aeroplan, @ChaptersIndigo, @AirMiles… consider this a heads-up! 😉

Tweet your findings to @JoyB123 using hashtag #willitscan and I’ll write a follow-up post here on OD… we may even award some kind of prize for the most insightful feedback (how’s that for vague?).  Good luck!


(Ed: Stay tuned for prizing details!)

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  1. An Kang
    An Kang December 13, 2011

    Love this post. Will give it a try this week.

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