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Month: February 2012

Is Your Company’s Social Media Marketing Plan on Life Support?

 Given the buzz that continues around social media these days, it only makes sense that your company’s marketing plan should involve this medium.

Unfortunately for many small businesses, however, their social media marketing tactics are clinging to life, pushed to the backside by those who are not seeing a clear enough return on investment (ROI) for such efforts.

If you find that your company’s social media marketing plan is in need of a shot of adrenaline in order to boost your brand and reputation, there are tactics you can employ to do just that.

Among them are:

  • Coming ready to play – Much like in a sporting event, the team that comes prepared to play oftentimes leaves with the victory. Stop and ask yourself if you’ve put together a winning strategy for successfully using social media marketing. Your company must have an attitude in place of wanting to be social, wanting to share information with the public. If you find the mindset at your small business is to be more closed off to such thinking, you’re already playing from behind;
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