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What happens if relevance kills the web?

I have had an inkling this is happening.

Google's latest algorithms do quite a bit of personalizing your search results based on "your" past searches – and God-knows what else? Not good.

Thankfully I have a thing called Flipboard on my iPhone that feeds some news, technology, sports, science etc etc. Hopefully un-edited? As in, not personalized, based on what someone else thinks I should see? It is becoming painfully obvious that Google is editing (I was going to say censoring, but won't, yet.) the results. For example was reading an interesting article on the US elections. I wanted to tag it in a comment on FaceBook – I searched for several permutations of the headline – No results. I then went back to Flip Board and found it was from Al Jezeera – went to their page. Here is the article BTW.

Here is a TED talk by Eli Pariser that further explains the Google, FaceBook, Yahoo personalization. At 6:25 … it is very important to watch this.

Personalization works fine for serving up ads. But not for information. Information we need to know.

I want my web back! 

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