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One Degree – we need you!

What makes a great Blog? Well, you do!

We all see a lot of Blogs online, tough not to. To me, what makes a blog interesting, is its readers.

Yep, you make One Degree interesting.

I am always searching for new ideas, new contributors, new events, new interviews and special "stuff" that adds value to your experience. Whether it be contests, special discounts on conferences or special offers to try some of the newest online tools.

I do not run press releases here! All content is original and we do our best to stay relevant. Doing my best here, but like everything … sure, could do better!

I do not do this is a vacuum, by the way. I have a fine group of people behind the scenes, who give me their assistance and constant feed back. They share their ideas and thoughts about One Degree. They yell at me sometimes and they have hopefully guided me in the right direction. I thank them for that!

But, you, the reader, are very impotant in this process too. From time to time I like to get your thoughts. Good, bad or indifferent.

You can either leave a comment below – tell us how we are doing, what you would like to see – or take the quick survey. (Won't take any time at all! I know you are busy!)

It will help a lot!

Many, many thanks!

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