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Social Video – Infographic

Did you know that social video is booming and it represents more than half of the internet traffic today? By 2015 social video is predicted to have 90% of the entire Internet traffic.

Want to know more about social video and why will CMOs embrace it?

Check the Infographic … plus: the Smartwater case with Jennifer Aniston.


Graphic (Original link)


  1. Jon
    Jon May 3, 2012

    Although I acknowledge the current growth, I’m not so sure about the future growth. Call me hypersensitive to privacy (having been in the industry for 14 years, I know a thing or two about technology), but I dont like that these apps automatically broadcast the fact you’re watching them to your network. You dont really know the content you’re going to watch and its an huge assumption that you want this shared which is a prerequisite to watching. I’ve personally stopped watching these videos entirely, and starting to actively dislike them cluttering up my news feeds. If I want a dose of ‘drivel’ I’ll visit break or liveleak or whatever the flavour of the moment is. I stand to be challenged, but sense is that others will likely find the same over time?

  2. mose
    mose May 3, 2012

    Good point. I assume you are talking primarily about Facebook? Like AOL of days gone by – not really the Net is it?
    The privilege of using thgeir app is offset by ads and whatever tracking/push/notification they deem fit. If you read the user agreement you would probably never go to the site?
    The net is turning into TV without the benefit of production, editors, producers nor writers. It is what the folks want and what the folks want … they will get. I predict it will only grow and grow and grow.

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