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Month: May 2012

Career College: Effective Self-Marketing With Social Media

OdsmBy Jeanna Carter

 The term ‘social media’ is somewhat misleading. Though web-based platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have greatly transformed the way humans interact with one another on an informal level, this technology also has many applications in the business world. Today, self-made professionals are using social media to find work, network with potential colleagues and market themselves to the World Wide Web. 

Academia has also begun to take notice of this shift in marketing and customer service and has even begun offering courses in social media. Schools as prestigious as the University of Washington and top online programs in Utah still in their nascent stages have begun providing students with opportunity to take classes on these techniques and many graduates are able to begin careers in startups and large corporations with the intent to find and woo potential customers. 


Mobile Marketing

Promotional campaigns with prizes and giveaways are a staple of marketing strategy. People have always become enthusiastic about taking part in loyalty schemes, exciting competitions and giveaways with high visibility because of the added value that they bring.

The arrival of the smartphone is having a massive impact on these traditional marketing strategies, and indeed the whole promotional world. HTML emails have replaced leaflet drops, press adverts have been replaced by leaderboards and web skyscrapers and social media has opened up new and effective ways of engaging consumers.

Paradigm Shift

Desktop computers used to be the sole avenue for web browsing, with all online marketing activity based around it. In recent years the smartphone has become the target for many modern marketing departments because they can be used anywhere at any time; Wi-Fi access and data technology is becoming widespread, from coffee shops to business office receptions. The internet has been unchained from PCs and tucked into our pockets.

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10 Reasons That Infographics Can Help Your Brand Awareness And Your Search Engine Ranking

While only a few years ago the concept was a foreign one, infographics have become one of the most popular ways to display info on the Web and if done correctly they can not only help spread brand awareness and loyalty, but can great improve your organic rankings as well. Here are 10 reasons that you should consider implementation infographic creation into your marketing and customer outreach plans.

  1. Infographics make content memorable
    Incorporating graphics that relate to your content in an interesting manner opens up the information there in. People are able to translate those graphics into the words you are putting across. Info graphics also make content memorable and users will remember it in days to come.