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10 Reasons That Infographics Can Help Your Brand Awareness And Your Search Engine Ranking

While only a few years ago the concept was a foreign one, infographics have become one of the most popular ways to display info on the Web and if done correctly they can not only help spread brand awareness and loyalty, but can great improve your organic rankings as well. Here are 10 reasons that you should consider implementation infographic creation into your marketing and customer outreach plans.

  1. Infographics make content memorable
    Incorporating graphics that relate to your content in an interesting manner opens up the information there in. People are able to translate those graphics into the words you are putting across. Info graphics also make content memorable and users will remember it in days to come. 


  • Embedded code
    You can be able to create extra back links to your site by making it easy for your target group to use your infographics through a link that will lead back to your site. Users can use your graphics in their blogs or share them through the link that you provide. Of course this link will point them back to your website and while there, they will be able to see what else you offer and also drive more traffic to you.
  • Use of other infographic  sites
    When you decide to use the infographics, then you can also publish them in other websites with similar content. This acts as an information board where your graphics and in turn your page is advertised to many users. A good enough infographic will generate reasonable traffic to your page.
  • Brand awareness
    Informative graphics are seen as easy to the eye and mind. Now if you incorporate your brand in the graphics creation, then you are making it easy for users to understand your brand and be aware of what it’s all about. This means that people who not were aware of what it’s all about can now get to know in simple terms and in graphics that make sense to them.
  • Use of social media
    Infographics are easy to use and catchy if done professionally. Social media scenes are a good platform of advertising your graphics and generate extra traffic through backlinks. Use twitter, face book and so on to post your graphics then invite your audience to your page for more stuff.
  • Wide audience
    There is something about infographics that attract people of a certain age mostly the vibrant young. Use them wisely to reach new and wider audience for higher rankings of your site.
  • Keywords use
    Infographics can be used to promote hits to your site if you use keywords to identify the graphics. Thus every time a user searches for the particular keywords, he gets links to the graphics and your site.
  • Generating traffic
    Infographics are a useful tool that can help drive traffic to your site. It helps turn plain content into eye catching and interesting stuff that other users will want to embed into their site and also share with others.
  • Ease of use
    Graphics can be useful when explaining complicated content. They are easy to use in a way that your message will be understood and carried across to your audience.
  • Creating new brands

It is now becoming easier to build a new brand from scratch by use of infographics. You can introduce new brands through the infographics and repackage old ones for more sales.

Those are the 10 reasons that inforgraphics can help your brand awareness and your search engine ranking. Brand awareness and search engine always go together. Good search engine ranking makes people to discover your website, while you need good brand awareness to make them to continue to come back visiting. To some extent, brand awareness can also make search engines to respect your website as a source of good content for internet users.

Sam is a contributing writer for an agency which focuses on improving client’s overall ecommerce conversion rate. 



  1. Infographichs, just like videos, reach the kind of audience who are more graphics-oriented in terms of learning. But you have to make sure that your infographic is not only interesting but also crystal clear. I see a lot of disastrous infographics out there that only serve to confuse the audience.

  2. umesh
    umesh May 17, 2012

    Brand awareness and search engine always go together ts easily way

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