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Month: July 2012

Strong words: How to craft premium content

Penguins and pandas, oh my!

There’s no way around the fact that the Google Panda and Penguin updates were a big blow to the way that many businesses executed their online marketing strategies. The move took many businesses by surprise, especially those that thought they only needed to bang out a few keyword-rich articles a day in order to stay up on the Google search rankings.

Web content now has to be more focused and substantial, featuring a minimum amount of links and a lesser emphasis on SEO. It’s Google’s way of leveling the playing field for online businesses and websites that didn’t stand a chance against bigger players before. Now anyone who can produce and market solid content in their niche has a chance at upping their Google search ranking. That’s a good thing, and the sooner you believe that the sooner you can get started on a new content production model.

Strong and engaging web content looks like this


5 Tips for Improving Social Media Engagements with Your Customers

Any good business owner knows that customers are reached through various marketing efforts, not just one. However, across the board, businesses are utilizing social media to not only establish connections with their new customers, but also to engage in conversations with their current customers. Since so many people use social media today, this is an amazing, productive way to reach a large number of your clients. The most important aspect of using social media to market is to stay on top of the ever-changing trends. Fotolia_37877338_Subscription_XXL

Technology has greatly changed the way that businesses can interact with consumers. This doesn't just open the door for dialogue, but can also improve your conversion rate. By contacting consumers online, you can really increase the amount of business you're doing. Aside from just making a mark and educating more people on your company, you’ll also see a rise in sales. 25% of the world’s population is currently online and that number is quickly growing.

It's easy to engage in conversation with the people you're connected with on social media sites who are responding to you. When a customer or potential customer is commenting on posts that you put up on Facebook, for example, it's a no-brainer to respond to these people and start a conversation. The tricky part is engaging customers who are not as forthcoming. A majority of the people you’re connected to are either not seeing your posts or not responding to them. Here are 5 tips to help you change that and increase engagement with your online customers.

1. The key to getting the interested of these more quiet consumers is to tap into their personal interests. You may have to invest some time to browse their profiles and find out what they like to do, but the results will be worth it. Then you can gear your posts, pictures and overall approach to things that will target those specific clients. 

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A Newbie Blogger Lesson: RSS Feed

It’s really simple.

You don’t need a degree in computer science or Internet marketing to promote your blog like a pro. With just a few quick tips, you’ll be on your way to learning the ropes and amping up your blog’s visibility and traffic.

Really Simple Syndication or RSS is a stripped-down version of your blog posts. The formatted page can be easily syndicated and distributed by online aggregators like Google Reader or directories like FeedBurner. Managing your RSS feed and distribution is a great way to build traffic and page rankings.

A feed is a collection of posts that can be browsed without traveling directly to the site. Feeds can be accessed through large directories, organized by categories; and they can also be created by browsers and managed in personal readers.