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Why It’s Even Important for Online Marketers to Occasionally Unplug

So you’ve finally landed your dream job as an online marketer and can’t believe your luck. You get to brainstorm fun, innovative ideas, research interesting trends, and promote worthwhile, memorable content… and they PAY you for it! What could be better!? While it’s easy to get caught up in the swing of things—staying abreast of the latest information and developments—it’s important for you to take time AWAY from your work and simply unplug.


Now by unplug, I don’t mean switching to simply using your wireless devices and gadgets and only checking your email every couple of hours—I mean completely cutting off electronic, digital contact. Now, I know this may seem a bit contradictory given your new role and professional title, but, just life every profession, it’s always a good idea to get some time away.

Now, this might be a little more difficult for you than others since your professional world is the web and everything it entails—from social media sites, to blogs and even emails—but you still need to make the effort for both your personal and professional benefit. Granted, given your job duties, your opportunities to take completely detached, “unplugged” breaks will probably be few and far between, there are still many reasons to take full advantage of the ones you do get. Read on to learn why it’s important to let yourself disconnect—if even just for a bit.

Ward Off Digital Burnout

Between smartphones, PDAs, tablets and laptops, it’s easy to let ourselves be connected, available and “on” 24/7. But all of that digital connection is not always good for us. Between the tweets, texts and statuses, it can be hard to keep up and may even be a bit overwhelming at times. Additionally, not only are you constantly working on promoting your clients’ specific brand, idea or product, you are also readily aware of what your competitors are doing.

Being in a constant state of awareness can be a good thing, but can also be exhausting as it may cause you to continually over think and brainstorm ideas to death all in an effort to stay on top. Now, this is not to say a certain drive is not necessary to succeed in the world of marketing, because that couldn’t be further from the truth. However, it’s about finding the right balance that works for you and your life so you can remain both sane and effective!

Refresh Your Thoughts

Giving yourself time away allows you the opportunity to reset your brain and thoughts, which have probably been going 90-miles-a-minute while you’re at work. This is important because your ideas need time to refresh. A rested mind means for fresh, upbeat content, where as the alternative can mean content and materials that are stagnant and forced. You want the creative juices to FLOW rather than be forced out unwillingly.

Anything that was awkward to write or develop will most likely come across that way to the consumer—so it’s best to nip that in the bud now while you can. Unplugging occasionally is like taking a proactive stance to produce better content.

Increase Your Appreciation for Your Job

Just as the cliché saying suggest—absence really can make the heart grow fonder. So, take that necessary, well-deserved time away if you can. Make time for it. Not only will you ward off digital burnout and writer’s block, but you will also keep yourself happy and appreciative of your super cool role. Rather than resenting your office and dreading each and every morning, you can come in with a renewed purpose and direction. Some might even say lease on life—but let’s not go that far!

So, although you might think your job is to be “on” all the time, it’s important for you to take some time for yourself. From college students to senior citizens, “me” Your clients, colleagues and sanity will thank you.

Nadia Jones is an education blogger for She enjoys writing on topics of education reform, education news, and online learning platforms. Outside of the blogging world, Nadia volunteers her time at an after school program for a local middle school and plays pitcher for her adult softball team. She welcomes your comments and questions at


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    MicroSourcing July 9, 2012

    Unplugging from time to time helps bring back creativity and inspiration because it allows you to step back from the noise and clutter that come with technology.

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    Alice Chen July 14, 2012

    Great article, Nadia. I learned a lot about the reasons why online marketers have to unplug sometimes. Thanks for the information.

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