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Month: July 2012

How to Get a Job as a Social Media Marketer

Working as a social media marketer can be a whole lot of fun, which is why so many recent college grads and even seasoned online marketing experts with MBAs aspire to spend their 40-hour workweek on Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, most of the time, social media marketing positions are both enjoyable and grueling. If you've ever worked in online marketing, you know that numbers are everything. Social media marketing is no different. As a social media strategist, you have to regularly drive traffic to websites using social media channels, and you have to make sure that the traffic you're driving is generating revenue for your employer.

If you're aware of the challenges associated with social media marketing and are still interested in working in the field, you should know that landing a job will take some effort and use of the right strategies. Social media positions are highly sought after, and there aren't a whole lot of entry-level slots. If you want to make yourself a more attractive candidate for social media marketing positions, here are a few things you should think about doing: