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Month: October 2012

Four Inexpensive Ways for Canadian Entrepreneurs to Find Customers Online

 Looking to start a business online? More Canadian entrepreneurs are looking for ways to supplement their income or even build a completely new life for themselves as business owners. In order to really turn a profit in online business, however, you'll have to understand the different avenues for marketing and advertising online. Many of these can be quite inexpensive if used correctly!

1. Social Media

Social media is used by savvy entrepreneurs to encourage potential clients to "follow" their updates. Typically, people will follow your social media account in pursuit of special deals and discounts. To maintain their patronage and ensure that they remain open to your updates, you will have to focus on providing informative updates that are relevant to them. This can be challenging at first, but is well worth it when you have a special offer to promote and see dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people respond quickly. An effective social media campaign needn't be technically complicated and it can be free.

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How to write a science paper

Papers whether scientific or social are given by teachers, whose prerogative determines what you write. They determine the font sizes, formats, procedures and detailed steps to follow when you are writing the paper. It’s your duty and responsibility to follow your teacher’s instructions to get the most marks.

However, not all teachers give the instructions on how they want their paper presented. You are free to use industry standards to write the science paper. Here are the standard guidelines required when it comes to writing science papers.

Use of headings

Science papers are structured and have sections with headings. The basic headings in science papers are the abstract, introduction, the method, results and discussion. Depending on what type of paper you are writing, try to divide it into different sections with unique headings as much as possible.