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How Instagram came to be and why it was an amazing marketing plan

Instagram, the newest social tool, is a free app available on Iphones and soon for others. The photo sharing application simply allows you to post your favorite photos and give them unique and appealing effects. You can get likes on your pictures, comment and follow as many people as you'd like. The photos you take can also be easily posted and shared with other social media sites, allowing you to gain a wide variety of viewers. Instagram 

How did Instagram come to be?
Instagram was first created and developed in San Fransisco by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. The two focused on multi-featured HTML5 and mobile photography, coming the two simple processed to make editing pictures easy. They wanted to make it a quick process to snap pictures with your iPhone and quickly upload them for all to see in one spot. 

The Explosion of Instagram:

On October 6th, 2010, instagram officially launched in the apple store. At a free price, millions of iPhone and ipod users grabbed the app and began to take and edit their pictures. What attracted many people towards it was how social connecting could now be done with just pictures, and no words. It allowed people to be creative and share their lives, which is one big way Instagram was such a smart marketing choice.

The next steps:

After the growing popularity, the makers of Instagram created a newer updated version of the app, Instagram version 2.0. After instagram started to bring in millions of dollars, Facebook realized that such a powerful social marketing tool could be great for them as well. Facebook bought Instagram for a billion dollars on April 9th, 2012. 

The decision to create such a powerful app and social media interaction was what made this app a truly great marketing tool. At one point, Instgram closed a $50 million funding round led by Sequoia Capital. The very next day, Facebook bought the small company. This app, which is now so popular among all, only took eight weeks to build and finish. It started out with 25,000 users in the first 24 hours and then rapidly grew to a million within the first few months. A simple concept that was created by two small individuals suddenly became a big hit, and now is partnered with many other social sites. For the creators, they still get to call the app their own work under Facebook's name and live with the one billion dollars that Facebook was given to them.

Today, 1.3 million photos are uploaded daily to the app. Instagram continues to grow in the market and app world, attracting all users and creating excellent marketing for Facebook and other sites.

Brendan Mitchell is a blogger in Australia. He has a background in marketing and social media.


  1. BessieVea
    BessieVea March 7, 2013

    Thats really great, You are very smart
    I like your idea.Hope it works
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  2. Chloe Elisabeth
    Chloe Elisabeth March 2, 2016

    You should put more information down on the past of it instead of the present and more on how it was created, the process and stuff.

  3. POS Premier
    POS Premier June 15, 2020

    nstagram can be good. Or fun. It depends on the user. As a business owner, you can use instagram to do heavy promoting, which is awesome for your business. (As it’s still quite new and competitiors doesn’t use IG to it’s full potential yet.

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