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Fish Where the Fish Are

 By Derek Lackey

There's a lot of talk these days as to which media CMO's should be
paying attention to. Is social media marketing better than email
marketing or TV advertising or even direct mail?

Advertising is about selling more product. Which media we use depends
on WHAT we are selling to WHO. In this "fractured" marketplace we
cannot simply hang our hat on a single media and hope to reach our
target market. Some consumers are extremely active on email, but do not
interact much with TV or social media. Others prefer SMS text messaging,
and yes, some still read newspapers (really!) and listen to radio.

Today's marketer has to "listen to their audience" and communicate
with them the way them want to be communicated with. We could even ask
them which method is most convenient for them. Those who prefer to be
left alone can still be reached with passive mass media such as TV,
outdoor and radio. Most will tell us by opting-in to our email program
or LIKE-ing us on Facebook.

Now that marketers are flocking to Facebook, will the consumer be a
lot more selective about who they LIKE? Will they regularly "clean
house" by UNLIKE-ing brands that are over-doing it? If you are using
Facebook and getting no response, I can assure you it is not because
"Facebook doesn't work for your product". When those who you are
targeting do not respond to your constant messaging and attempts to
engage them, they are indeed sending a clear message. What there is for
you to do is change what you are doing.

It all comes down to where your prospects are spending their time and
that is in major flux at the moment. TV viewing hours are down. The
amount of time on Facebook has dramatically increased. Act accordingly,
but most important; listen to your consumer. Be relevant and be
appropriate to the media you are using. And don't be in "sell mode" with
every message.


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    Amber Brewer December 23, 2012

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