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Social Media – Just a quick thought. (And some tips!)

I am on holidays. Wooot! Yay! And all that!

However, I do still have to look after my clients. Plus I am finishing up the content for a Social Media workshop I am conducting next month for the Scala Network – these things have prompted this post.

The "Gurus" of Social media have muddied the water a wee bit. The normal folks (Read: The rest of us!) sometimes get scared, unsure, wary and downright confused about this SM stuff.

One of my clients has been set up to use SM throughout their organization at their finger tips, but have not posted anything. The comment I received from my client was – "Well, we do not have a PR person."


You definitely DO NOT NEED a Public Relations person to use SM. In fact, I believe that is the last thing you need! A PR person offering up spin after spin in SM is so anti-Cluetrain. (Remember I am the Cluetrain guy around here!)

If you are nervous about this SM thing … here are a couple of tips.

  • Learn the basics and continue to educate yourself – It ain't that hard! Trust me!
  • Be yourself
  • Be useful, helpful or interesting
  • Be nice
  • Pay attention
  • Don’t be a jerk
  • It’s okay to link
    to your own content, and to use SM to sell your stuff, but if that’s all you do then virtually everybody will ignore
  • Don’t
    automate anything!
  • All Twitter
    “systems” are scams, cons or both
  • Don’t believe
    the hype
  • And experiment amd play and most of all relax and have fun!
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