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The Value of Coupons in Digital Campaigns (Infographic)

From a recent report on, “the “best coupons have two key features: They offer discounts on the products you like and would be buying anyway, and the discounts are substantial enough to justify the time required for clipping them.”

Vouchercloud has pulled together all the information and statistics behind coupon marketing campaigns to highlight just how coupons really affect sales figures. It reveals how consumer purchase decisions are influenced by them and the impact they have on brand loyalty. All you ever wanted to know about coupons is presented in a quality, easy to follow infographic! Find out who uses coupons and why. Learn which coupon types drive the most sales and what the brand benefits are for brands that use them. Also discover what has proven to be the best way is to deliver coupons in order to capture the attention of the consumer.

 The infographic answers the question on whether or not consumers are becoming more price conscious and just what lengths they will go to in order to bag a bargain. It also provides details on which company was responsible for the most successful coupon campaign to date and just how they were able to earn that accolade. 


The Value of Coupons in Digital Campaigns

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