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In the news … July 17. 2014

Supporting Ontario's Vulnerable Workers

July 16, 2014 11:10 a.m.Ministry of Labour
Following Ontario's June 1, 2014 minimum wage increase to $11, the province is introducing legislation today to provide more fairness for both employees and businesses, and ensure its minimum wage keeps pace with the cost of living.

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New NFB Ontario Centre Producers Bring Interactive Storytelling, Multi-media Production Skills


The art of the interactive documentary has received a boost with word that the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) has named Justine Pimlott and David Oppenheim as producers.

Pimlott and Oppenheim, who assume their duties this fall, will join executive producer Anita Lee and producer Lea Marin at the NFB’s English Program production centre in Toronto.

BlackBerry Ltd tapping into ‘Internet of Things’ for more than just buzz

The technology industry has made the “Internet of Things” its latest buzzphrase, with a growing stream of connected cars, watches, and even fridges in the pipeline — and BlackBerry Ltd. has a unique edge, having embedded its QNX technology in automobiles and other devices for years before many people had even heard of the now popular term.

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