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In the news … August 12 2014

Silicon Valley North: Vancouver tech surges as U.S. immigration reform idles

By Tamsyn Burgmann, The Canadian Press Posted: Aug 10, 2014

Software engineer Pablo Guana nearly refused a job with Facebook when the company redirected him to Vancouver from Silicon Valley because his United States visa application was rejected.

"I will not go to Canada," said the 25-year-old from Argentina of his initial reaction. "Twenty degrees below zero, are you crazy?"

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The Top 7 Online Marketing Trends Dominating 2014

Late last year, I made some predictions for online marketing in 2014. If you missed that post, you can read it here. Given the clear shift toward inbound marketing methods, I considered how trends in SEO, social media, and content marketing were likely to impact businesses over the coming year.

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Best of both worlds: How to create a long-tail SEO strategy for social media micro-content

Ever find it difficult to rank for relevant keywords in search or gain traction on social? Most marketers have faced the challenge of getting their business to stand out amongst the chatter.

It’s a marketer’s job to really understand how each advertising channel can benefit their organization in better reaching their audience on a regular basis. 

Optimizing for the search engines has long been a way of driving qualified traffic to a company’s website, in many cases it is often the number one source.

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