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In the news … September 15, 2014

(ED: Back at it! Was off on holidays for a week!)

BC Tech Group Joins Digital Media Network

The BC Technology Industry Association (BCTIA) has joined the Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN), a cross-Canada network of digital media innovation hubs collaborating to advance digital innovation nationally.

The BCTIA will now be a channel for driving participation in national initiatives that support the commercialization of digial media innovation. Applications for the CDMN Soft-Landing Program, an initiative for mature startups and small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to expand their businesses, will be accepted in November of 2014. Companies can apply for up to $4000 worth of funding to cover travel and accommodation expenses associated with an up to three month stay at a business accelerator in an economy of interest.

The BCTIA will also gain domestic and international market exposure for its entrepreneur members and community, as well as access to proven regional programming and best practices shared by other network members. "The CDMN is Canada's digital media collaboration network connecting innovation hubs across the country," said Kevin Tuer, CDMN Managing Director. "We're delighted to bring on board another organization dedicated to furthering Canada's competitiveness in the global digital economy, and to advancing commercialization of digital media innovations."

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Think Like A Startup: Five Ways To Boost Your SEO Strategy

By Yosef Martin

A new startup is born every day.

In garages, dorm rooms, and basements all around the world, people are bringing their business ideas to life. But this surge of entrepreneurial energy isn’t limited to actual startups. Big brands like Coca-Cola and Red Bull are adopting lean and agile methods to mimic the flexibility and rapid innovation of Silicon Valley’s hottest up-and-comers.

While it may not be practical to adjust every aspect of your company to be more like a startup, adjusting your SEO strategy at the enterprise level to mirror a startup’s methods can help you stay ahead of the game.

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CMO Today: Online Quizzes Give Marketers Key Data

You’ve surely seen them on your Facebook page. Yes, online quizzes have taken the Internet by storm in recent months. Curious which Grease character you are? Zimbio has a quiz for that. Looking for ways to spend $100? BuzzFeed has one that could help. Like most trends on the Internet, marketers are eager to get a piece of the action, CMO Todayreports. And while BuzzFeed and Zimbio say they don’t use quiz answers to help target ads, some other companies do. UK-based ad company VisualDNA, for example, is powering quizzes like this one on — and sharing the results to advertisers for ad targeting purposes. The Wikia quiz promises to tell users about their personality based on answers to around 20 multiple-choice questions, which include “Do you own a car?” “Do you have children?” and “What is your age?” It’s safe to say the resulting data are piquing the interest of advertisers, particularly those using such data to buy ads programmatically. So the next time you take an online quiz, know that in addition to finding out which character from “Friends” you are, an advertiser may know too.

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