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In the news … October 17, 2014

Will Independent Media Become a Thing of the Past in Canada?

Concerns over the reach and independence of the press have hit a high point in Canada, where a large media buyout is underway. It has left citizens asking: can we trust independent reporting when the vast majority of the media is owned by one parent cooperation?

Postmedia, a company that owns a number of popular newspaper chains in Canada, will be scooping up 175 daily newspapers in a landmark $316 million buyout

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Interactive: Cigarette package warnings from around the world

Cigarettes are bad for you. Everyone knows that. But a growing number of countries around the world are trying to smack smokers in the face with the cold, harsh, reality of smoking.

Cigarette packages are increasingly regulated, with more space than ever devoted to warnings, graphics and advice to quit. In some countries, logos aren’t even permitted on cigarette packages anymore. The full breakdown comes in a new report from the Canadian Cancer Society released Tuesday morning.

“There has been tremendous progress internationally in implementing package warnings,” the organization says. “The worldwide trend for larger, picture health warnings is growing and unstoppable, with many more countries in the process of developing such requirements.”

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Province Enhancing Measures to Prepare For Ebola Virus Disease

 Ebola in the province. These measures will further protect the safety of all Ontarians, including health care workers.  

The new measures include:

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