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In the news … January 29, 2015

Subscription streaming services are growing fast in Canada, will dominate

TORONTO – While there’s no question over-the-top video services such as Netflix have become a “phenomenon” in Canada, the same can’t be said about subscription music streaming services, which have not been taken up to the same degree by consumers.

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Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple top list of Canada’s most influential brands of 2014

Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, and YouTube – these brands all have something in common, and it’s more than all being luminaries of the tech industry.

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Target Canada: A lesson in brand marketing?

Last week, Target pulled the plug on all its stores across Canada, closing 133 stores and laying off over 17,000 employees. To make matters worse, Target Canada’s former CEO’s paycheck was more than all of its employees combined, according to reports.

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