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In the news … February 21, 2015

Video | Oscars 2015: Canadian talent celebrated ahead of Academy Awards

The Oscars are still three days away, but the party has already started for Canadians nominated at this year's Academy Awards.

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The Importance Of Social Validation In Online Marketing

Online marketing comprises many factors, strategies, and tactics, but all of them share a common end goal: to get more people to buy your products or services. To get there, you have to step past the competition, increase the traffic to your site, and build better relationships with your customers. The onset of social media has given brands a new means of achieving all three at the same time, at once improving the reputation of their brand and gaining more visibility and traction.

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How Will Online Marketing Change In 2015?

Online Marketing Predictions to prepare for:

Search engines are constantly changing, but we have a feeling things are really going to get shaken up in 2015, at least as far as Internet marketing goes. The game is getting tougher, and the search engines are getting smarter, so we are confident that the marketing landscape will show some significant changes for 2015. What exactly will change? Here are some of our predictions for 2015’s marketing world.
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