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5 Ways Twitter Can Find You “The Job of Your Life"

You may have used twitter to get connected with your college mates. You may have spent hours on it, tweeting about your daily, notorious activities. Or, you might also have capitalized on its millions of tweets to get dissertation help and survive such a daunting task.

Regardless, what will you do now when you’ve completed your graduation? Would you still tweet about your notorious college life? Or, would you close it down to dedicate yourself finding a better employment? I’d suggest otherwise!

You may not know it yet, but Twitter can be used for job search as well. If it is used wisely, it can be a pretty powerful tool in your arsenal to get you “the job of your life”. So, believe it or not, Twitter has much more to offer to you than meets the eye!

It is, although, true that many have lost their job due to a single, thoughtless tweet. However, there are also many who have found impressive jobs that they could ever wish for. How did they do it? It isn’t a rocket science, but only a couple of considerations that can get you the job you desire.

 Make a List of Potential Twitter Feeds

Adding potential employers’ Twitter feeds to your Twitter List is a great way of staying up-to-date with current job openings. A Twitter List allows you to separately follow only those users who are added to your list, and not the ones you follow usually. This lets you keep your tweets sorted so you don’t get mixed feeds on your profile. You may even finds country-related Twitter feeds for jobs. For instance, you may subscribe to IT Jobs Melbourne if you live in Australia or IT Jobs Canada if you live in Canada.

Write a Catchy, Professional and Searchable Bio

Do you know what an elevator pitch is? It’s a concise yet persuasive marketing pitch. When you build a personal brand, this marketing pitch is what gets the first attention. Use this pitch as your professional Twitter bio to grab the attention of potential employers the instant the gaze at your profile. Secondly, you also need to optimize the bio so it is visible on search engines as well. To do that you need to use relevant hashtags. For instance, if you’re looking for a job in Brand Develop, you may need to use #branddeveloper hashtag to enhance the visibility of the bio.

Links to Your Digital Resume or a Portfolio Is a Must

Having a digital resume or an online portfolio isn’t an option, but a necessity. An online resume not only helps you create a professional presence in the digital world, but also a gateway to connect with many prospective employers and industry leaders. Same holds true for digital Portfolios. Thus, it is necessary that create resumes on networks like LinkedIn, Visual CV, etc. You may create portfolios on sites like Behance, Dribble, etc.

Capitalize On Twitter Hashtags (#)

As said earlier, Hashtags are a great way to bring potential visitors to your profile who are looking for employees with a certain skills set. Plus, it can also be used for monitoring and joining conversations happening in your industry/field. For instance, if you’re looking for a code (programming) teaching job, you may monitor the hashtag, #codingforkids, to stay connected with the current discussions. Also, hop in the conversation and contribute your expertise to the community.

Track and Join Industry Leaders

Industry leaders or influencers’ Twitter feeds are a goldmine for both job searchers and professionals alike. Not only do they have tons of experience to guide you through their insightful tweets, but they also have a gazillion of resources for you to make the most from. You can either find Twitter influencers on Google or sites like Twellow, etc. Topsy is another great tool you can use to find Influencers in your industry. Just search industry-relevant-queries on Topsy and click Influential Only, Viola!

Getting recruiters’ attention is easy now, but since everyone is doing, you need to be creative in how YOU do it. So, start brainstorming and start creating engaging Tweets, to grab the roaming eyes of those potential employers and influence their hearts!


Ashley Sanford leads the team of content developers at Peak Dissertation. Apart from content development, she’s also a passionate blogger with a core interest in leadership program and consultation.


  1. Hamayon
    Hamayon April 13, 2015

    Thanks for sharing for the first time I am reading about finding the job with Twitter otherwise I know many people who lost their jobs just because of Twitter and Facebook 😛

  2. alin
    alin April 18, 2017

    Ashley Sanford leads the team of content developers at Peak Dissertation. Apart from content development, she’s also a passionate blogger with a core interest in leadership program and consultation.

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