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8 Tips for Staying Healthy at a Stressful Workplace

You must be an employee who works his level best to get the job done –and done well—to contribute to workplace productivity. Sometimes, however, you become victim to the terrible “S” that takes over people’s lives every now and then and even disrupts the workplace:  stress.

Days are lost, productivity is reduced, illnesses are born, and work is hated because of this terrible foe. Stress must be combated to ensure that productivity levels are high and satisfaction with the job is at max.

Here’s how employees can combat this foe and make sure they maintain “peace of mind” at the workplace.

  1. 1) Don’t Skimp on Breakfast: Did you know that the midday slump could be combated with the help of a healthy breakfast? According to The International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, when people eat high-fiber, low carb breakfasts they are energetic throughout the day compared to people who eat high-fat breakfasts. Don’t skimp on a healthy breakfast if you want to feel more energized and less over-worked.

  • 2) Identify the Cause: If workplace stress is result of a specific and manageable problem in the workplace, you need to take note of it and learn how to deal with. A problematic co-worker, unfavorable working conditions, or additions to your job description can all be dealt with if your superiors are willing to work with you and solve problems—which they most often are.
  • 3) Eat Healthy:One other major cause of stress is lack of energy that results from bad eating and sleeping habits. Pack up on proteins and cross off foods that include lots of sugar, cholesterol, and yes caffeine too! Peaking levels of blood, sugar, or cholesterol is bad for health and a direct cause of stress.
  • 4) Talk about it: Being alone with your “stress” and problems makes it all the more difficult. Always have a co-worker or two to talk to and vent out your daily frustrations with. Simply the act of communicating a problem can considerably decrease the level of stress experienced. Co-workers are the first people who can relate to you and your problems because they are most likely to face the same stressors as you.
  • 5) Sleep Well:  Eliminate your reasons to sleep too late at night resulting in headaches and poor productivity the next day. A normal sleep cycle should be about 7-9 hours long. Figure out how long it takes your body to fully recharge after a long sleep and respect those hours. Sleeping is a crucial recovery period for the body and not getting enough sleep will result in an overworked, stress-induced body.
  • 6) Meditate: Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to sit like a monk of your desk and chant some “mantra”. Meditating is simply the art of relaxing the mind and body and it can be done in the any position, location, or attire. The trick is to feel as comfortable as possible and let yourself zone out for a while. My personal favorite meditating technique is the breathing technique combined with imagery.
  • How it’s done: Close your eyes and relax your posture. Imagine a beautiful calm place like a beach or the most peaceful memory in your life. Lock yourself in that moment while practicing deep breathing.  Inhale through the mouth slowly, keep it in for 5 seconds, and slowly exhale through the nose. Meanwhile, add detail to your “imagery”, allowing yourself to relax in a mere 5 minutes.

    1. 7) Drink Water: This is the oldest and easiest trick, but it works like magic! The lightheadedness you feel during work could be result of dehydration. Dehydration will affect your blood pressure which in turn has an effect on stress levels experienced.
    2. 8) Build a Best Schedule:  Stress can also be a result of laziness and procrastination. If you have a tendency to push off your work till the “second shift” and after lunch hours, you are unlikely to be as productive as you in the morning and experience stress because you can’t get the job done in time. Work on a perfect schedule that caters to your “most productive hours”. Schedule most of tricky and time consuming tasks during those “best hours” and reserve the lazy hours for less challenging work.

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    Sadie Douse (sadiedousee[at]gmail[dot}com) is a guest author and a professional writer at Essay Corp. If you are a fan of Arrow and The Flash catch her on Google+ and she will provide you free help on essay writing. 



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