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Life in the Cloud (Infographic)

The cloud, whether it’s to be productive at work, share special moments with friends or relax at home, it has become a huge part of life online, in ways you may not even think of. In order to help educate people on the cloud, here is an infographic from the company SingleHop that lists some of the functions that the cloud provides on a daily basis. Below are some questions that might help you think about how the cloud affects you on a regular basis! 

  • Do you stream music/videos from the cloud? Streaming services can give you access to millions of files or you can host your own files to share home movies with family and friends!
  • How do you use the cloud to streamline your work and stay productive in and out of the office? Do you use it to share documents and files between different members of your team?
  • How do you use social media, email or instant messaging to stay in touch with friends and family? What sort of data do you you store on sites like Facebook and Twitter?
  • What apps do you use that run in the cloud? Apps often run on cloud servers, which are broken up into public versus private clouds, that are accessed by millions daily. These servers save all of the data that you use on apps that you access from any electronic device.

How would your life be different if you didn’t have access to the cloud? Check out the graphic below to find out!


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