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Why Hiring Staff Recruitment Agency is Good for Companies?

Recent research has shown that recruitment agencies have been performing rather well despite the rise of online job boards and social networking. Using social media is fine, but when it comes to filling a role for a technical position, an agency can help guide the process better.  Group

Here are just a few of the advantages that staffing agencies bring to the table for both parties in a job vacancy.

 Better Talent

Companies can really sit down with a rep from a staffing agency and create the best profile for their company. This lets the firm understand the characteristics of an ideal candidate and helps to find the best talent. Also, agencies have access to a much bigger pool of talent than a single company. This division of labor bodes well for all those involved.


Companies and potential employees can both save a lot of time and effort on signing with an agency. The process is a lot simpler and the amount of costs involved are reduced dramatically. Because of these savings the companies are more likely to go with agencies and this means it is better place to find work for job seekers.


Staffing agencies usually have a pretty good idea about the sort of candidates out there and the ones that can fit roles in companies better. It is what they do and because the focus is on talent acquisition, the results are usually better than most other alternatives. Staffworks CNY, a great staffing agency, has suggested that the positive results staffing agencies continue to post around the year is partly because of the competitive services they offer both recruiters and people recruiting.

Better flexibility

A contingent workforce is exactly what is needed for a company to thrive. Many times the work that is increased suddenly needs to be dealt with carefully. Hiring temps is the most practical solution and this can be done through staffing agencies. Agencies allow companies to access a workforce that works on demand and this helps people find temporary jobs while driving efficiency at companies. 

Less risk

When a company goes out a gets its own recruitment done, it runs the risk of hiring the wrong candidate. This sort of risk is a waste of time, effort and resources. All of the risk can be mitigated by hiring temp workers from a staffing agency. This means less risk for companies, who are in turn more likely to hire from a certain agency.

More focus

Staffing agencies can give a lot of focus on individual candidates and companies. They work tirelessly to fulfill demand for labor, so the best candidates are often helped to get the most well-paid and desirable jobs. Companies are also more comfortable with it since the focus is entirely on the most well-suited candidate. Hiring managers at companies cannot be expected to be experts at everything, so they get help from agencies who know the industry and the labor market a lot better.


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