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In the news … September 27, 2015

Hobbyists still run the digital world – where are the experts?

Chief executives should stop worrying about their mobile apps and focus instead on integrating digital expertise across their businesses …

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Apple Pay: A new digital marketing tool

Launched this summer, Apple Pay has been an advanced step in ridding the traditional wallet. And not only will it have consumer benefits, and is a big plus for the retail sector – this new technology is also bringing a fresh tool for digital marketers to play with.

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IAB Canada partners to bring a new standard of interactive marketing education to Canada

In a response to increased demand for digital training across the interactive advertising landscape IAB Canada has taken steps towards providing experiential learning by partnering with experts and key service providers in Canada.

 IAB Canada is excited to announce a refreshing new approach to training for the marketing and digital media industries starting November 2015. The program launches with two pilot courses designed to give students a hands-on, contextually relevant approach to learning important skills for success in digital advertising.

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