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6 Big Examples of Influence of Social Media on Our Lives

“Social Media influences our lives”.

Fotolia_27702676_Subscription_XLAfter reading this sentence, the first thing that should come in our mind is that how social media has the ability to influence people. This ability of people should be perceived in the form of communicating and exchanging the viewpoints and ideas with others. The other thing that could creep in our mind is to develop and maintain the relationship among the people to significant level.  The other views of many people are also important as they say technology in the recent age especially the influence of social media is affecting our real life relationships and communication in an adverse manner.  In reality, there are more pros than cons of social media that have emerged with the passage of time.  Let us discuss the pleasing attributes of social media and its effects on our lives in the following manner.

1.    Enhancing the political awareness

When it comes to analyzing the political situation that is prevailing in different countries of the world, this aspect cannot be overlooked that people are taking an interest in the domain of politics.  There could be many reasons provided in order to support this notion. The first reason is that different people interact with each other and these people belong to different countries of the world. Yet, they are connected because of the same preferences, demographics and other factors that are helpful in developing their relationship stronger and effective. In this way, these people also discuss the political situations of their countries through the help of videos or images. As a result, politics has also become a debatable domain as compared in the past when politics was assumed as the specific domain for a limited number of people.  

2.    Social issues are also getting popularity or importance

As far as the generation of this digital age is concerned, young adults are more concerned about the social disparity that exists in different countries of the world. They often are found in raising their voice against any discrepancy or injustice no matter if this thing is happening in their own country or in another part of the world. People tend to visit social media platforms in order to remain informed about the latest happenings from all around the globe. As a result, social issues are no longer the concerns for only affected people and these have become a concern for the whole society.

3.    Diversity is more appreciated rather than accepted

The way people from different background and culture interact with other people and make associations with other is quite fascinating. This is an interesting aspect to consider that the concept of equality and brotherhood is also improving and it is being implemented in a proper manner on different social media platforms.  This is also a matter of fact because of social media invention; the whole world has become a global village. In this way, all the people who are using social media do have associations or relationships with other people to a large extent. At the same time, this statement is becoming true that man is a social animal and cannot live in exile.

4.    Improving the sense of belongingness and association

By means of social media, people of all ages are coming closer and establishing a unique kind of relationship that is really appealing and eye catching. The lost or forgotten friends have actually met on social media in reality and as a result, old memories are also being revived. The young people are also becoming more vocal and confident and a sense of unity is already developed among people of same ages. Moreover, the communication gap between the young and old generation is decreasing that was quite significant in the past. 

5.    Self-awareness is improving as well

The concept of self-awareness is enhancing day by day and it is being done through the help of social media a great deal. There is no point of denying these fact people have started realizing the importance of their own personality. At the same time, they are valuing their own thoughts and assumptions to a significant level. As a result, people have found different ways of keeping themselves happy and away from any kind of depression or sorrows. In this way, these aspects could be considered as the blessings of social media that are providing benefits to different people. People are becoming happier and more content with their lives as they can take decisions in a right direction so that they can spend a memorable and prosperous life. 

6.    People are more concerned about their health  

The biggest impact of social media is the interest and concern of different people regarding their health and fitness condition. The people are focusing on their health with purpose as they know they should know that how to live and stay healthy for a longer period of time.  They have assumed that attaining healthy foods and diets are their basic rights; as a result they are discussing and having a conversation regarding different healthy diets and foods. In recent times, the population of obese people is increasing and, as a result, the issue of obesity is becoming a major concern throughout the world.  Social media provides a good opportunity to all those people who are health conscious and want to discuss different health issues with the right person means the doctor anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Final Thought

With the passage of time, the impacts and consequences of social media are increasing and at the same time these are already influencing every walk of life a great deal. The impacts of social media are composed of both positive and negative outcomes. The positive consequences are bringing desirable results in the lives of many people. They are more aware and confident and at the same time they are more concerned about the social and political issues that are prevailing in the current scenario. The social media has also provided a kind of platform where different people can raise their voice regarding any social injustice anytime.   

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