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Business Directory Listings: Eight Smart Tips for You to Get Started

If you are considering a business directory listing for your small business, congratulations – you are on the right track. Local SEO, local customers, mobile maps and better sales – a decently placed business directory listing will serve up all this and more. But getting the inside track of a game demands a little more knowledge and a lot more understanding. For one, almost all your local competitors are registering with business directories. You must consider some other moves to stay ahead in the race. Need inspiration? Read on.

Consider a neat portfolio

Even before you register on a business directory, you should automatically create an online portfolio for your business. If you have the resources, nothing beats a professionally designed website.

If you do not want to build a website right away, you may try to use one of the many online tools that create free portfolios for businesses like yourself.

Don the feather cap

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Online marketing is a very sophisticated form of advertising. Finesse-rich content and communications can lure more customers toward your business than your products.

To further your knowledge on how to communicate with customer online, you may seek inspiration from a Canadian business directory Infoisinfo.

Read before your customers read

Your customers will often buy your story after reading about you on the directory. But you must make an effort to read their minds before they read about you.

What is the current market trend? How does a certain demography respond to the products you sell? These questions matter a lot in a business directory listing.

Choose a wise location

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The location here does not only refer to the physical location of your business. While your business location is important, the essence of a business directory listing lies in pairing it with the right directory in your area.

It has often been observed that businesses that register on the right directory upfront, draw a lot more traffic and attention than their competitors.

Be user-friendly

It is always nice to seek services of a business that values its customers more than any other entity. Let your customers know that you value them.

A Christmas gift, a wedding message, a coffee mug, or even a personalized memento with your brand’s name on it – a customer will value you all the more for any of these.

Seek advice from peers

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Other businesses in your locality are not always competitors, especially those that are in the business longer than you. Ask them for advice on how you may further your promotion through the business directory.

You will not believe the number and manner of amazing results that this formula has churned out.

Accentuate your offers

Make sure that the offers that comprise the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of your business are listed right on top of the others. These are basically the ones that will bring the bulk of the sales into your business.

Develop ties with customers

Never miss out on the birthday of any of your customers. They will not only value you more for it but will also refer you to more of their friends and family.


  1. Homeworkcrest
    Homeworkcrest November 26, 2015

    This as very useful. I’ve always found the directory thing really challenging especially bearing in mind that there are so many competitors out there doing the same.

  2. Sam
    Sam September 28, 2016

    I need more of this. I like it coz its a great piece.

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