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Inbound Marketing Tips & Tricks to Grow Your Business

Growing your business takes many stages to complete and many more stages to constantly maintain. One of the biggest areas of growth for any business is the way that it is marketed, you see, a well marketed site can reach millions if not billions of potential new customers while a poorly marketed site will be hidden from view. Inbound Marketing Tips & Tricks to Grow Your Business

  1. Powerful Site Design

The sites design is key to success, and it is during this phase that first impressions really do make all the difference. A website that is built responsively (viewable and usable in both desktop and mobile screens) will allow the customer to complete transactions no matter where they are surfing. The next fundamental point to a sites design is that is generally has to look excellent to the eye, and this is where confidence levels play a central role because if the company looks like they can’t be bothered with their site then you instantly expect this with every other aspect of their business as well.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO as it is shorted down to is another key part to website marketing, and its using the concept and methods that come with SEO that allow your website to challenge for top search positions in the likes of Google, for given keywords. SEO is an offline and online principle and covers a range of marketing aspects from tags, headings, link building, content and much more. Getting your site optimised by professionals like Inbound Marketing Phoenix is the best way to grow your business.

  1. Promote Your Site and Content

You have built a great looking site and your content team have been busy churning out the best articles for your industry, so what next? Now is the step of promoting and syndicating out that content to wider audiences so you can build up exposure, shares and visitors. This is where using Social Media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook work so well, and you don’t have to just syndicate it once either. Find different action points in the article and regularly push the content out making use of #hashtags and Twitter influencers.

  1. More Content, More Content, More Content is Key

Content has always been king and nowadays with the new Google algorithm changes on quality over quantity it really does mean more. The more quality guides, articles and posts that you can offer the increased chances you are giving your site to be found for long-tail keywords for your industry. However, the line here not to cross is to write content for content’s sake, you must have something that offers value to the user in some form.

  1. Measure and Monitor

Analytics packages such as Google’s should be a base part to your site and this will allow you to monitor your sites performance from a granular level. Whether it’s a certain page that’s not doing as well as you would have liked, or a certain keyword that could do with optimisations steps, this is your central hub to research, measure and monitor where you site grows.

  1. The Bottom Line

Some say getting a website built and hosted these days is the easy part, and with many site builders offering you just that with cheap hosting you can be a part of the Internet in minutes. The real challenges that separate you from the rest of the websites in your industry comes down to how well you market the site. Thinking creatively and outside of the box is fundamental to website success.

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