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Marketing strategies for gambling sites

So you have a new gambling site and are looking for how to spread the word about it? In the past, you could simply start pay per click advertising with Google, but not anymore.

Search engines no longer allow gambling sites to advertise in the same way, so you need to find other ways to spread the word about your business. This piece takes a look at some of the things you can do to increase popularity.

  1. Engage in better search engine optimisation. There are many people searching for your services online. The search engines will only include your site in search results if you have used keywords correctly, in high value content.
  1. Create quality and sharable content that will add value to other sites. In exchange for the content, the sites will allow a text link to your site. This is a good way to increase link popularity. You need to carefully choose the texts and keywords used for each link though to ensure a balanced link profile. You can also increase your popularity by listing your site on business directories. Here are tips to get you started on business directory listings.
  1. Publish a blog on your site. There are lots of topics a gambling blog could cover. From general gambling news to specific sport related news, the possibilities are endless. A gambler that is searching for news on his favourite football team could run into news published on your blog in the search results. On clicking through, he will enjoy quality content and be introduced to your gambling services.
  1. Create a forum. A forum can be filled with keyword-rich user generated content which will bring in high value individuals from the search engines. People are constantly asking questions, from where to find PayPal bingo sites to which gambling site offers the best odds. During the early days of the forum, consider giving bonuses to encourage regular posting. An active forum is a gold mine for any business, and the gambling sector is no exception.
  1. Create a powerful social media presence. Social media is more dominant than ever. A social media page that is fun, valuable and useful to the public is a great way to market your business. It offers a platform to share links to your site content, promotions, special offers, etc. To create a gambling social media page that is fun and intriguing requires creativity. Your social media team must be able to come up with fresh and funny posts, videos, graphics and animations from time to time.
  1. Run affiliate programs. Many webmasters will gladly put up links and banners to your site if you offer decent paying affiliate programs. Google may not be accepting ads but there are many webmasters that are in total control of advertising on their pages. They will become affiliates if they see a good opportunity with your business. Take care to treat your affiliates exceptionally well to keep them motivated.
  1. Buy advertising space. This may be costly but you can buy advertising space on relevant websites that have the kind of visitors you are targeting. You need to research properly and analyse traffic to the site before paying to be sure you will get good value.

With these tips, you will be able to spread the word about your gambling site and improve your customer base over time.


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