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Graphic Grades: How to Give Your Company Image an Update

Graphic Grades How to Give Your Company Image an Update
All brands need a facelift from time to time, and while some updates are minor, others can be more extensive. As a business looking to modernize and improve a look, paying attention to graphics is important. The most important thing to remember during transition is to highlight your mission clearly. 

Most companies have a logo of some kind, although some do not. For those that do not have an existing logo, this option might become a must. Moving forward with websites, social media platforms, and literature such as letterheads and business cards, your brand and company face should be visible and recognizable. Businesses with an existing logo should make changes to spruce it up. For example, integrating more color or changing shapes and fonts would add a zest to most any symbol. 

A spokesperson is a great way to connect with the consumer audience, as it puts a face to the brand. Ideally, a known local or national celebrity would be the first choice, because they already have name recognition. However, there is always the possibility to create a new personality or mascot. The former may come with a bigger expense than creating your own. 

Customized Work Uniforms
Uniforms are another opportunity to change the image of a brand. It could be something as simple as a t-shirt and slacks in the same color of black or khaki. This helps your employees look like part of a professional team. Consideration should be given for customized workwear as well, since they ensure color and fabric uniformity. This change has the added benefit of having a team building effect, and empowers employees as the brand’s front-line representative. 

Everyone loves a good jingle. The tune should be snappy, inspiring, and memorable. Get employees and customers in on the action by enlisting them to take part in its creation. A contest with a prize adds even more excitement that can infuse enthusiasm. Once the final jingle has been developed, it should be incorporated with all appropriate customer-facing interactions. 

Legacy Customer Incentive
Incentivize customers with a legacy discount such as free shipping or a specific discount on certain items. This has financial benefits to the company’s bottom line as well as the consumer’s wallet. In addition, businesses garner customer loyalty, brand awareness, and word of mouth referrals. Consumers receive instant savings along with encouragement to purchase and visit frequently to see the newest product or service. 

Gaining a market share and raising brand visibility are key components businesses need to focus on to say relevant. These tips can help position you to become industry leaders. As mentioned earlier some changes are minor, while others take more planning and investment. A caveat is to stay true to the core values of the brand.


Submitted by Brooke Chaplan 

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