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How to Write an Analysis Essay on a Book


If you study English and literature as your major subjects, you will have to read a lot. In addition, you are expected to analyze what you read. An analysis essay on a book is one of the most comprehensive and paramount assignments one can be asked to do. Needless to say but many students find book review writing difficult inasmuch as they do not know how to organize their work well. Without doubt, you will have to accumulate your efforts and skills in order to compose the best analysis essay on a book. You can use these simple guidelines to grab the right approach towards the analysis of the required work of literature.

There are 6 basic step-by-step writing guidelines:

  1. Read the Book and Make the Outline. It is impossible to cope with the book analysis if you do not read the entire book attentively. What is more, you are supposed to take notes and underline the most considerable details right in the text. For instance, a good description of a character, item or environment will be very useful for the review of your novel or short story. If you fail to note the most important elements and descriptions, you will have to waste much time looking for them again. Secondly, you need to write a detailed and logical outline of the core events that take place in the book. Thirdly, you can prepare a plan of your analysis. Bear in mind that this assignment consists of three parts – introduction, the main body and conclusion. Every section has its own standards of writing and requirements.

  2. Organize an Effective and Superb Introduction. Your main duty is to attract the reader’s attention to your book analysis. Hereupon, you should write down the primary basic information about the book. Mention the full title, author, place and date of publication. These simple facts can help students find your book in the library or in various online catalogues. Then, say a few words about the author to inform the reader about the creator of your book. Say about his other famous books and define his place in the literature of your country. Bear in mind that you can analyze the text through the experience and biographical facts about the author. Sometimes authors describe their own experience and emotions through the characters of their books.

  3. Write a Short Summary of the Book and Find its Objectives. A practical analysis of a book should contain a brief summary of its text. Remember that you must not retell the whole story and details. It is enough to inform the reader about the central line of the story and its major characters. Next, it is reasonable to point out at the paramount objectives of the book. Without doubt, every book contains a great number of hidden ideas and problems. Sometimes, you should read between the lines to notice them. Try to define the message of the book whereas every author wants to deliver his specific idea to the audience.

  4. Analyze the Main Characters. The main characters often reflect the main idea of the book. Their behavior, actions, thoughts, dialogues and monologs help the reader understand the objective better. You need to find a few descriptions and important details about the characters to analyze their influence on the book and the total story better.
  5. Analyze the Main Problems of the Book. Observe the book from different sides. Pay attention to the historical, psychological, economic and cultural background of the story. This complex analysis will help you grab the message of the text inasmuch as people had different problems, values and worldview in different periods. Their culture, preferences and interests were different too.

  6. Evaluate the Stylistic Devices and Conclude the Analysis. You should observe the book from the side of its style. Find all possible metaphors, hyperboles and personifications in order to emphasize its artistic value. Ultimately, you can summarize the review and point out at the strong and weak sides of the book. Say what you like and dislike about the chosen text. Will you recommend other students to read it?

Good luck with writing your analysis essay! We hope these guidelines provided by  SmartWritingService  will help you!


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