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In the news … August 22, 2016


Acording to a research study developed through a collaboration with IDC and SAP, Canadian businesses aren’t prepared for the upcoming digital apocalypse.

While 60 percent of Canadian organizations recognize the importance of a digital strategy, the report reveals that just 17 percent of these businesses actually have one.

Furthermore, less than half are investing resources that place digital at the forefront of their development plans, such as cloud software, analytics tools, cyber security, and mobile solutions. At the same time however, 84 percent of Canadian businesses agree that “every business is a technology business” in some way.

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Ottawa announces public consultation on cyber security strategy

he federal government has started a three-month public consultation on updating its cyber security strategy, asking security pros and citizens for input on how it should not only strengthen the national IT systems and critical infrastructure in the private sector but also help businesses and residents.

Public Services Minister Ralph Goodale said Tuesday the consultation, which ends Oct. 15, will help identify gaps and opportunities, bring forward new ideas to shape Canada’s renewed approach to cyber security and capitalize on the advantages of new technology and the digital economy.

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Spirit of John Lennon lives on in Canadian clothing line

Fashion designer Kelly Pettit started with a simple question in crafting a clothing line inspired by John Lennon: Can she imagine the legendary singer-songwriter wearing it?

She most definitely does, Pettit says, as she readies to première her vision at Toronto Men's Fashion Week on Saturday, noting her years-long development process was driven by a deep reverence for Lennon's artistry.

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