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In the news … September 5, 2016

'5 Roles Of A Chief Digital Officer'

A Chief Digital Officer (CDO) can help an organisation drive growth by converting traditional "analog" businesses into digital ones using the potential of modern online technologies and data. The responsibilities are varied and still evolving & in fact could lead a CDO to take over as the head of an organisation.

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The Dark Side of Content Marketing

"Create awesome content." "Deliver value." "WOW your users." "Master the art of storytelling." "Users will find your content online." "Build relationships with customers first, they will buy when they need."

We've all heard it and it all sounds great.

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'Brilliant marketing': Organic Gatorade — the latest in health hype?

Sports drinks have long been criticized by health advocates who claim, for most people, water is better than a sugary, flavoured drink for hydration when exercising.

Now, sports drink giant Gatorade is rolling out a certified organic version of its drink in the U.S. and will look at bringing the product to Canada.

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