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How To Find an Example of a Compare and Contrast Essay about USA and Canada

How To Find an Example of a Compare and Contrast Essay about USA and Canada
Penning an essay is, at the best of times, a tall order for most people.  Writing a quality essay means that the author must first do their due diligence; truly understand what is being asked of them and then embark on the research and investigation required to gather the facts, ideas and references needed for their essay.  Essays can be thought of as a series of arguments that serves to highlight a concluding thought or result that the author is trying to table.  Once the writer has their reference material on hand they must then commit idea to paper and write out their essay.  When broken down in this manner the essay writing process actually seems to decrease in difficulty.  However, when a wrinkle such as specifying the type of essay as a “compare and contrast” and then adding the complexities that only geopolitics can bring, well then things get a tad more vexing.

A compare and contrast essay requires the writer to simultaneously highlight the similarities and differences between two or more items.  While this may seem simple at first, it can quickly lead to disorganized thinking and rambling.  The real problem with a compare and contrast essay is that the focus of the essay tends to get blurred.  This lack of definition often means a drop in the quality of the work put forth.  Discussing the geopolitics of nations is one such subject that can lead to all sorts of problems for the writer should the constraints of a compare and contrast style essay be applied.

The continent of North America and the British, are but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to comparing and contrasting the United States of America and Canada.  However, even a cursory glance will show that the list of similarities and differences between the two countries runs long, very long.  With this in mind, one can easily see how an essay writer can get overwhelmed by the sheer deluge of information headed their way.  So how does a writer tackle such a vast and heady subject as the geopolitics of these two neighboring nations?  The best first step would be to look at published work.  While comparing and contrasting the USA and Canada may be a feat in and of itself, it is not a new idea and many have explored its depths in the past.  Fortunately, these essays and published writings are available both in hardcopy and in digital format.  But due warning must be given, not all published works are created equally.

Using an existing essay as a sole guide to the subject is not without its risks.  The quality of the sample must be called into question, as a sample of poor quality (bad research, poor arguments, etc.) will only lead the writer down a path leading to trouble and disappointment, and that is why choosing a solid sample essay is a challenging task on its own.  Or you can take a more direct approach and seek a credible source.

Getting in touch with a professional writer ensures that you are verifying the quality of the work at the root.  The work of these professionals is usually of high caliber, and better yet their work has been edited by professionals as well.  These individuals can usually be found through professional writing sites and their work is considered “sample worthy”.  It is worth it to mention, that just like essays that can be found online, you should try your best to vet “professional writers” found on the internet.  Ask for referrals, samples of work and try to determine their expertise on the subject matter before taking their words as gospel on the matter.

Finally, there are vast repositories of published, peer-reviewed documents sprinkled throughout the Internet.  These documents, whether they be essays, studies, reports or what have you, may be more academic in nature, but the majority of which contains more than just priceless nuggets of information.  They also have a list of references.  This method allows the essay writer to, in a way, reverse-engineer the reference document.  This will lead them to original studies, writings, interviews and material that they can use to fortify the arguments of their essay.

Crafting an essay is a tough act, and adding the compare and contrast model doesn’t make it any easier to write.  If that wasn’t difficult enough, asking the writer to discuss the geopolitics of two of the world’s economic powers takes the stress level to a whole new level.  However, it need not be an impossible task.  By utilizing online sources such as existing essays, guilds of professional writers and online documents, writing the essay can be made manageable.


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    As a student, I was sent to by a friend, who helped me find the best dissertation writers.

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