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How to Use Swag as a Marketing Tool

1By: Rachael Murphey

While many companies put a lot of money into marketing their business and products, they fail to put enough money into promotional products. SWAG (stuff we all get) is the term used to describe many of these products, from the most affordable pens to the extreme of a car. Regardless of how much money you spend on swag for your business, the one thing you can be guaranteed is that it will be one of the best marketing tools and can give you the best returns. 

Go for Useful

One of the most successful strategies a business can use to offer useful swag to their target market. This useful swag could be a pen, notepad, or tote bag. As long as they have your brand on them, they will get the word out. In fact, leaving out a cup full of pens for customers to use is one of the best methods of distributing them. The customer cannot resist the temptation of taking one and you get your company name out there. 

Go for Extravagant

2There may be times that you will want your swag to be just a little more extravagant. Special events will require you to think outside the box with your swag. For example, if you are going to a trade show or exhibition, along with your professional-looking company name tags, you will want to provide something more elaborate than a pen with your company name on it. T-shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks, or clocks may be more appropriate. 

Go for a Big Statement

If you are planning to hold a big event and you really want to create a surge in sales, consider going for a much bigger statement piece. Larger businesses may go for something as big as a car that is branded with the company name while your small business may choose to offer a weekend away with luggage that has been branded with your company information. Either way, you can guarantee that the chance to win something is going to drive in more business and create a big statement about your business. 

 Go for Cost Effective

The entire concept of SWAG is that it is a low-cost way to build brand awareness. Services like CafePress are not a good option for employing a SWAG strategy, since that is more of a merchandise/ecommerce platform that will cost too much to use as promotional products. Instead consider a service such as Naag Tag name tags and signs.

Using swag as a tool in your marketing strategy is bound to be successful regardless of your budget. The truth is that people love to get free stuff and, if these items have your business name on them, it will get your name in front of a lot of people. As long as you create a plan on how to give the swag away, you will find this marketing tool will exceed your expectations. 

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