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25+ Common SEO Mistakes That Are Killing Your Website (Infographic)

SEO is undoubtedly the key factor that can help your business grow in the online world. From assisting you in improving your site’s ranking on SERPs to generating qualified leads and increasing traffic, there is a whole lot of benefits that can be incurred with proper implementation of SEO strategies.

Additionally, search engine optimization can aid you in enhancing your brand’s image and help you in your task of increasing brand awareness and as such, finding the best SEO tactics that can help you achieve both – good ranking, as well as improved brand visibility, is of utmost important.

However, by nature SEO can be quite overwhelming. It involves various on-page & off-page techniques and can leave you confused, resulting in mistakes that can adversely affect your business. Also, while there are few tried & tested SEO methods that can work wonders for your website, sometimes you need to go in-depth and research these methods before you blindly implement them on your site.

Moreover, there is more to SEO than just keywords and link building and thus, if you want to ensure that your business keeps growing successfully in the long run then, here are some mistakes that you need to fix immediately before it hurts your website’s traffic and ranking.

What are the most common SEO mistakes that you need to look out for?

1. Non-Responsive Website

A responsive website is a key through which you can generate more traffic for your website. By not making your site mobile-friendly or responsive you are losing out on potential customers. Plus, Google can penalize your website if it is not mobile-friendly, which can affect your ranking. Thus, making your site responsive is important to boost your SEO.

2. Slow PageSpeed and Download Time

An optimal page speed and download time are essential for a better user experience. If your site takes ages to load, the user will move on to another site and hence, fixing your site’s page speed & download time is crucial for the growth of your business.

3. No Sitemap

Sitemap is important for both – users as well as search engines. By creating a sitemap you are helping search engine spiders find all your web pages easily, which makes their task of indexing your website smoother & faster. Plus, it makes navigating your website easier for users and thus, a Sitemap is a crucial SEO factor that you can’t ignore.

4. Keyword Stuffing

Like mentioned before, SEO is not only about keywords. While they play an important role, over-optimization of keywords or keyword stuffing can affect your ranking and lead to poor user experience, resulting in high bounce rate.

5. No Social Media Presence

An importation factor that can help boost your site’s ranking, social media can help improve your brand’s visibility and help you generate targeted traffic for your website. Hence, make sure that your business has a social presence on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

6. Uninteresting Content

Quality and engaging content is the core of all SEO strategies. Your content should be crafted in such a way that it keeps your audience riveted till the end and it is the best way through which you can get more traffic and increase your ROI.

Now, these are just a few SEO mistakes that you need to look out for and fix. However, there are more such common SEO mistakes that can affect your website and if you want to know more… then here is a complete list of SEO mistakes in the form of an infographic that you can look into.

This infographic comprises of 25+ common SEO mistakes that you need to rectify to avoid hurting your site’s traffic and ranking. Give us a reply in the comment box below: which are the most common SEO mistakes you already heard about!




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