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Six web design tips that improve website conversion rates

Web-design-tips-that-improve-website-conversion-ratesYou can improve your sales even if your website traffic remains at the same level. This is due to a new online marketing tool called Conversion Rate Optimization. These are not radical changes, but minor adjustments to customize the content of the website to meet the needs and desires of customers that you want to convert into buyers. Let us explain what it is about. You will see how easy it is.

Opt for a responsive web design

First of all, your website must be mobile responsive. Today people are too busy and do not have much time to sit at the computer and look for what they need. Instead, they prefer to use the phone on every occasion, while waiting in the line, riding a bus, on a break at work. Therefore, your website must have a nice look and be functional on mobile devices, as well as on the desktop.

Navigation helps a ton to convert into a potential buyer

A navigation menu is a guideline for your customers. It must be in a prominent place, visible and at an optimal size. Keep it simple. This is always better and looks nicer. Have enough information and it will be easier for visitors to manage. A winning combination! If you lead your customers smartly through your website, they will soon become your buyers. And that is the goal.

SEO is a thumb rule

As you already know, SEO is vital for ranking your website. But you must use it in the right way. It's not enough to use it randomly or partially, you must keep continuity as well as quality. SEO, at the same time, reduces advertising costs and increases conversion rates as the percentage of customers who complete a call-to-action rises. A proper SEO will boost the traffic on your website, which will increase conversation rates and thus your revenue.

Choose a simple design over complex noise

Everything, that has previously been modern in website design, like animation or flash, you should avoid. What is relevant is a simple design, without unnecessary content. The simple, nice and flat layout is much better than an overcrowded one. If a customer’s experience is not good, they will probably leave the website. On the other hand, simplicity and symmetry are always a pleasure for eyes. Pay attention to this.

Publish great content

The content of the website is crucial. It boosts traffic and increases conversation with customers. Content can be in the form of articles, images or videos, depending on the purpose of your website. Whatever you put on the website must be interesting, intriguing and, if possible, unique. You can collect ideas from others, but you should have your own content, focused on what your website is about. On the Internet, you can find a lot of advice on how to start a blog.

Customize in placing the social media feeds

Social icons should be placed in a sidebar or footer. This will be enough. After all, social media should be used to attract customers to your website, and not to be dragged from your website, shouldn't it? Small icons on the side will not detract from the text that visitors should read. If they want to see your activity on social networks, they can easily push the linked buttons.

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