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3 Ways Technology is Changing Ecommerce

The tech-savvy customers are using ecommerce websites to buy various goods. Instead of prowling through the streets to find what they want, they find it easier to use an ecommerce website. All hail technology!

MobileLet’s see in what three ways technology is changing ecommerce:

Mobile apps are changing consumer/retailer relationships

There was a time when the relationship between customers and retailers would not go beyond the boundaries of a brick-and mortar business. It was really difficult to imagine that time would change so much that retailers and customers would not have to connect with each other on a certain level. But it has happened. Now, mobile apps are allowing customers to connect with the retailers by going beyond the limits of a brick-and-mortar relationship. Earlier, brands had to wait for the customer’s arrival in their shops. Now, they do not have to wait for the customers to step in their respective shops. They no longer have to think about spotting an ad that would engage the attention of a customer. Customers just have to use a particular app to buy any goods of a brand. The installed app of a particular brand in a customer's mobile reminds him about the brand every day. Things have become so easier for both retailer and consumer.

Retailer’s constant presence on a consumer's mind

With the advancements in technology, many other factors have also changed. The email notifications that you used to get till yesterday, is now replaced by smartphone push notifications. These notifications constantly remind a consumer about a particular brand. These new features of smartphone have made it really easy for marketing teams to demand for the attention of a consumer. Another interesting factor that adds to this phenomenon is the presence of promotion ads. These promotions used to get filtered out by those detectors who used to identify spam. Now, they capture a user's attention just by being available on the home screen. Retailers are taking advantage of technology by keeping consumers aware of the new promotions and sales. Now, customers stay updated with the new promotions easily, which is a good thing.

Personalized customer experience

Technology has opened new avenues for the personalized customer experience. Retailers have always been aware of the fact that customers want to go out personally to shop. Customers like to buy things after roaming the whole shopping mall themselves. They like this experience of going out for shopping. But with the rise of e-commerce websites, going out to shop has become a rare phenomenon. Now, people buy and sell things through an e-commerce website. But still the innate desire to go out for shopping remains there. So, technology has taken a step ahead to cater to this need of the people. It has made personalization standard. The brands that want to build a loyal customer base are using these marketing techniques. Ecommerce websites are striving more to serve the customers in a better way. They are trying to find methods that can keep them up with the technological standards. They have also started serving customers on various social-media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. They are also adapting themselves to the needs of a customers by connecting with them through email, brand website and Instagram.

Author Bio:

This informative article is written by tech-savvy Ashley Albert, who works as a technical writer, and marketing executive at essay writing company. You can also follow her at Facebook and Twitter.


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