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E-commerce Marketing Trends for 2017

More people than ever are leaving traditional employment to open their own e-commerce store. The rise of online business means more people can not only start their own business but make it incredibly successful, too. When running an e-commerce store it’s exceptionally important that you keep up to date with current marketing trends. Things change very quickly; some strategies emerge and grow while others fade into the background. Without implementing current trends your reach will drop and you’ll appear outdated and behind the times.


Video is playing a much bigger part in digital marketing than ever before, both in terms of live action and pre-recorded advertisements. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat now allow users to film live video as well as vanishing content. Businesses are using this to both advertise their products and engage with their customers. This can be a great way to entertain, answer questions, and let your audience see the personality behind the business. Video is becoming an incredibly powerful marketing tool when it comes to building both customer engagement and loyalty. So, if you aren’t using it already it’s time to add it to your marketing strategy.


For the last 10 years, internet use on mobile screens has grown exponentially. But, conversion has always been much lower than on full websites viewed on a larger screen. This is often because the process is more difficult and it’s harder to view the product. That is slowly changing. Mobile viewer to sale conversion continues to lag some way behind conversion figures on a desktop, but it’s catching up. So, not only is it important to have a great, fully responsive mobile website, you also need to make sure your e-commerce store is easy to shop, from browsing, right the way through to check out. One way of ensuring this is to develop an app for your business.

User Generated Content

Customers trust other customers much more than they trust salespeople and marketing tools. So, encourage your customers to post reviews on your website, blog, and social media profiles. This will quickly help build customer trust and loyalty. They’ll see that you must have confidence in your product if you are hosting live reviews. Video and images are a great way to take this further. Try running an Instagram contest to get your customers to take photos of your products. Let potential customers see them in action.

The Old Favorites

While the popularity of newer ideas soars, the old favorites are still exceptionally important when it comes to marketing, especially when you are launching a new store. Focus on getting the simple things like your customer service right and your customer return will be high. As will your word of mouth recommendations. You should also make sure you don’t neglect social media marketing in favor of other tools. Instead, incorporate videos into your profiles. Social media continues to grow in 2017, giving you a wonderfully simple way to reach your key audience.

If you are interested in learning more about running an e-commerce business consider an online business degree. Online business programs will help you learn about all aspects of managing your online business from marketing to business planning and forecasting.


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