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The MBA is the Most Popular Graduate Degree

According to a recent infographic by Ohio University, the MBA is now the most popular online graduate degree. Earning an MBA online is now easier than ever thanks to the amount of schools now offering this qualification; in fact, 355 schools now offer this degree as part of their online course program.

Pursuing an MBA online takes 3 years, if you decide to study part time. Full time students can expect to complete the degree course in a much quicker timeframe. Online students can also expect to pay around $40,000 to complete their course. Not only is this much lower than the price of a traditional MBA, but online students can also continue with their careers so they have an income coming in.

The infographic below has all of the facts and figures you need concerning why an MBA is such a popular choice.

Ohio University created this infographic.



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  1. Brian Lauren
    Brian Lauren March 18, 2021

    Online MBA programs are fine if they are offered by reputable schools. Many AACSB accredited MBA schools now offer online programs, and if you cannot attend classes on campus, the online program is an acceptable alternative. Many less reputable schools, not accredited by the AACSB offer online MBA programs that don’t have good reputations, and their graduates often have problems getting jobs after graduation. You have to choose the program carefully.

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